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US Truck n Auto is proud to provide a full range of auto accessories for your Car, SUV, Van or Truck. Whether you are interested in functional upgrades beit personal or commercial, or just a personal touch to give your rig a distinctive look, US Truck n Auto is the place to come to. With 45 years of combined experience in automotive styling and accessorizing vehicles in the Sacramento Valley region, we have been providing both sales and service of a wide range of custom accessories going back to 1988 when our wholesale division began serving the Northern CA auto dealerships under SK Dealer Supply.  We take pride in delivering exceptional value and flawless results and that is our signature difference. When you bring your vehicle to us, we'll make sure that you'll be happy you did.  


With over 40 years of combined experience. Us Truck n Auto has a vast knowledge of Automotive Accessories. We'll help you get your truck looking and riding great. Stop in and tell us what you got in mind for your rig and we'll show you step by step how we get it done. 


Rather than just selling something, we believe in providing our customers the best possible value by selling a product that is going to function well and as intended at market value. We make certain that you are happy with the value you recieve from us.


At US Truck n Auto, safety and convenience of our clients as well as reliability of the products are always at the heart of our efforts to porduce a well finished project. We will choose only top quality and reliable parts that will assure your safety and comfort without compromising the vehicle's factory aspects and warranties.

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